Lagos, Nigeria

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Crystalballing Africa

As the Russia-Ukraine crisis protracts, the odds of a reinforced global economic recovery have been further setback. Intensified global supply-demand imbalances have prompted a shift in global monetary policy stance, as inflationary pressures continue to tick higher. Unfortunately, the tighter monetary stance poses downside risks to economic growth prospects as credit conditions tighten both globally…
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Nigeria: Voraciously feeding the beast

With crude oil still trading at over $100/bbl, there is no gainsaying that the Nigerian government is clearly in a lavish mood. This probably explains why the government reneged on its commitment to put a stop to PMS subsidy and is poised to raise ₦4trn to fund petrol subsidies in 2022. Policy moves like this…
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Nigeria: Caught in a web

Oil prices are on a tear, along with everything else in this inflationary period. Players in the global oil market are spooked by supply-related constraints, and their continued panic has seen oil prices climb by no less than 20% YTD. While Western oil companies are drilling fewer wells post-pandemic – partly due to pressure from…
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Subsidies: Africa’s troubling addiction

The average African feels entitled to subsidies. Due to prevailing poverty, subsidies are perceived to be a necessity because of the wide gap between the market-determined price of goods and services and the financial strength of the wider population. From agriculture subsidies in Kenya and Malawi, to transport subsidies in South Africa, and fuel subsidies…
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