Lagos, Nigeria

Month: August 2020

Nigeria: How (un)happy are you?

The use of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of economic progress has been under fire by welfare economists in recent years as they postulate that GDP figures do not capture the adverse environmental effects of economic processes. Economic progress can be linked to the people’s prosperity and happiness and citizens of countries that…
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Nigeria’s Phillips curve: Dead or alive?

The Phillips curve indicates the trade-off between employment and price stability. Price stability is the primary objective of central banks but this cannot be achieved without pursuing associated objectives such as sustainable economic growth, full employment, stable long-term interest rates and stable real exchange rates. The tool is based on the ideology that, ceteris paribus, an…
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Viral volatility: How health uncertainty is impacting SSA market sentiment.

The world is reeling under the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Its devastating damage to humans, its influence over our daily interactions, and its economic consequences are all too clear. Financial and medical crises could go hand in hand as a rise in unemployment and reduced access to healthcare could lead to adverse health outcomes.…
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