Lagos, Nigeria

Month: February 2021

Making the old, new

Shopping pre-owned is certainly not a new concept. The re-commerce market has evolved from the garage sale image of the past. The trend is booming just like any other re-selling commodities business like vehicles and electronics. There are a few different re-commerce subsets that have exploded in popularity, including thrift, boutique goods, luxury items, and…
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Gangsters’ paradise

One of the dark sides of globalization and technology advancement is the continued expansion of the underground economy. Africa’s initial conditions of weak institutions, poverty, and a population that feels disenfranchised from its government has made it increasingly vulnerable to organized crimes over the years. Reports of political and economic failures tend to overwhelm the…
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Ripple of uncertainty

Cryptocurrencies are drawing more attention – especially from high-profile techies like Elon Musk – than in previous years. The most recent is Tesla’s $1.5bn bet on Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency its CEO (Musk) once likened to fiat money (value is largely based on the public’s faith in the currency’s issuer, usually a sovereign state or central…
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