Lagos, Nigeria

Month: October 2020

Nigeria: Virus, Protests, and the Economy

As the media evidence of the murder of a young man got into public space, nation-wide protests erupted, clamouring for the end to police brutality especially by a section of the police force, known as the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The protests became stronger by the day, as online movements metamorphosed into physical demonstrations, blockage…
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Budget 2021 – An expansionary wave

The COVID-19 pandemic that has persisted through the year, has raised the need to protect people, stabilize demand and stimulate recovery. The provision of emergency support has brought additional expenditure obligations, including emergency healthcare services, stimulus packages, payroll supports and rise in unemployment benefits. While advanced economies had automatic stabilizers to cushion the effect of…
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Pandemic debt: On the brink of a debt crisis

As the world copes with the health implications of COVID-19, the turnout of events has resulted into severe implications for the fiscal positions of various emerging and frontier economies. While dollar inflows from commodity exports and remittances have collapsed, the softening of local currencies have raised levels of indebtedness. Thus, emergency financing flows from International…
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