Lagos, Nigeria


Who I am

I am a self-motivated, energetic, highly numerate, analytical, and results-driven professional who actively works to make economics relevant and enjoys being able to find innovative ways to solve problems. My experience as an economist cut across the fiscal, public sector, international economics, and monetary economics. I have practical experience in emerging economies & market research, macroeconomic outlook & analytics, and econometric modeling & forecasting. These experiences have equipped me with the ability to integrate economic theories with real-life scenarios.

My macro expertise extends across EM asset classes (equities, fixed income, commodities, and FX), and I am particularly passionate about the African Renaissance and the traditional & disruptive forces that can shape the African economy. Hence, for over four years I have produced insights, information, and recommendations to investors around the world covering African equities, fixed income, and FX. I am passionate about helping people understand the global megatrends changing Africa’s investment climate. My goal is to help investors see how these trends could affect them and how they can respond to minimize idiosyncratic risks.

I keep abreast with international security issues, geopolitical developments, global economics, and financial markets to map their implications to investment strategies for coverage markets. I am also a spokesperson for my organizations with extensive media experience including broadcast, print, online and social media. Regular written publication and macroeconomic modeling & forecasting form the core part of my duties as an economist, as well as providing commentary on local and international business television.

I am a self-starter that enjoys the challenge of working independently, but within a team environment that has a culture of intellectual change. On the downlow, I am passionate about human capital development and from time to time commit to teaching economics to senior secondary school students. I also derive joy in helping people find jobs that match their skill set.

Qualified Economist
Over 6 Years of Experience
Various Awards and Certifications



IC Group

Economist & Market Strategist

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