Lagos, Nigeria

Month: November 2021

Nigeria: Microlending clampdown in the offing?

Most technology-based products are founded on the idea of addressing pain points through solutions infused with ease, speed, and simplicity. Generally, ideas with these three features disrupt an industry legacy business model. When credit providers carved their niche in the fintech space, they capitalized on these principles – providing loans to virtually anyone, anywhere, and…
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Subsidies: Africa’s troubling addiction

The average African feels entitled to subsidies. Due to prevailing poverty, subsidies are perceived to be a necessity because of the wide gap between the market-determined price of goods and services and the financial strength of the wider population. From agriculture subsidies in Kenya and Malawi, to transport subsidies in South Africa, and fuel subsidies…
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Africa: The pandemic’s debt legacy

Money begets money. That is the logical justification for debt accumulation. The pursuit of economic prosperity or at least survival amidst limited economic growth explains why countries borrow. Debt is considered a stimulant – borrow, invest in productive activities, and reap the benefits of growth. However, as countries emerge from the troughs of the pandemic-induced…
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Will CBDCs sail or sink?

When the cryptocurrency craze hit the world, currency regulators – Central Banks around the world – feared that their worst fears had been actualized. A currency they had no control over had been created, giving people an alternative to fiat currencies. As cryptocurrencies gained increasing popularity in countries around the world, especially populous ones like…
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